Here’s How To Find Your Uber Passenger Rating, So You Know What Uber Drivers Think About You

By 12.28.15

I’ve used Uber probably 100 times over the past year. It’s amazing for airport drop-offs and pick-ups and getting around town without having to hail a cab. Plus, Uber has a really sick deal with the Capital One Quicksilver card that gives me 20% off per ride, so it’s much cheaper per ride than a cab.

Uber’s two-way rating system is what makes it far superior to a cab. If your driver sucks, you can tell Uber that. If YOU suck as a passenger, drivers can tell Uber that you wouldn’t stop drunkenly screaming “Don’t Stop Believing” out the backseat window at other cars stopped at a red light.

Since I occasionally use Uber to get home from bars after a rowdy night out, I’m pretty obsessive over my Uber rating. I used to ask drivers what my rating was, but then I learned that you can just tap a couple buttons to find out if you’re on Uber’s naughty or nice list. Turns out I’m in pretty good shape:



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