How to Stay Shredded During the Holiday Season

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Since many of you are probably home from college, away at relatives, or on vacation without access to a gym or much fitness equipment, we have come up with a simple routine that can be done in your garage, Uncle Buck's basement, a log cabin in the mountains.

Try the following routine to ensure you stick to the plan, without heading to the gym:

The ‘Oh, Shit I Can’t Get to a Gym’ Routine

Perform A1-A5 consecutively with 30 seconds rest between each exercise (work up until able to do “no rest”). Take 60-90 seconds rest between each of 4 “rounds.”

A1. Pull Ups.
As many as you can perform in 30 seconds. If you can’t perform full pull-ups, have someone assist you by holding your feet.

A2. Push Ups.
As many as you can perform in 40 seconds. Elevate feet to increase difficulty.

A3. Alternating Jump Split Squats.
As many as you can perform in 45 seconds.

A4. Burpees
As many as you can perform in 50 seconds.

A5. Front Planks
60 seconds.

Rest 60-90 seconds and repeat 3 more times; attempt additional rounds if time and testicular fortitude permits. No bullshit excuses on this one — the entire workout shouldn’t last longer than 30 minutes and who knows — maybe even make your balls drop a little.

So there you have it… a new set of abs for Christmas!

The biggest bit of advice I can give you is to not overthink this routine. It shouldn’t hinder you from missing out on any good times during the holiday season but rather avoid falling into the winter trap of bad decisions.

We promise this will help maintain muscle, blast fat, and keep you right on track for your New Year's quest to have chicks sucking shots of tequila off your abs come Spring Break.

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