Irish Bouncer Single-Handedly DESTROYS 2 Drunk Dudes And Knocks One Mouth-Breather Out Cold

By 11.21.16

Two Irish men were completely plastered during the day, or as they call it in Ireland “A typical Monday afternoon.” They have words with a bouncer and the one gentleman begins slapping his own face daring the bouncer to punch him. The one taintlicker in gray punches the bouncer and then his friend takes a swing at the man but it is easily blocked.

Then this happened.


Can someone please explain what the fuck this worthless nonsense bullshit hand and leg movements were? It looks like this goofball watched a little too much Karate Kid and did some drunken attempt at the crane kick.

Both of the men gang up on the bouncer, but this bouncer retaliates by landing a vicious right hook on Mr. Gray and knocks him to the ground. He then lands a punch against his friend. The guy in gray is fighting the bouncer again when out of nowhere his friend charges the bouncer and is greeted with another punch to the head.

Night night time.

The bouncer knocks him out cold.

The fucko in grey sees that he is overmatched and doesn’t have his friend at his back so he begins spitting at the bouncer. What a fucking coward. He probably had plenty of blood in his mouth after getting his ass kicked repeatedly.

The moral of the story is no matter how many Conor McGregor fights you watch it does not automatically give you Conor McGregor’s fighting skills.


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