Best Links of the Web for August 30, Presented By Jaime Edmondson In Cam Newton’s BCS Pants

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But first, a little music to set the mood. Blakrock 2 was just announced featuring Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, etc. Check out a hype trailer here. Here's one of my favorite tracks off the first album…

  • Step-up your game, commenters: 6 Reasons the Comments on This Article Will Be Useless. [Cracked]
  • Ten Football Broadcaster Sayings and What They Really Mean. [Smoking Jacket]
  • 35 Sexiest Sportscasters from Around the World. [Bleacher Report]
  • 9 really, really, really dumb Twitter habits. [TruTV]
  • 132 Super-Sized Sorority Girl Lingerie Soiree. [COED Magazine]
  • This Rosie H-W video is better than other videos. [FHM]
  • 50 HUMPTASTIC BOOTYs for HUMP DAY! [The Chive]
  • Why Does Qaddafi Own a Mansion in New Jersey? [Mental Floss]
  • Holy Moly, Chad Ochocinco Has Some Insane Aquariums In His House. [SOB]
  • Hottest Women of the U.S. Open. [Maxim]
  • 9 fashion items from the 90s due for a comeback. [Guyism]
  • 5 Embarrassing Failures History Class Turned Into Victories. [Cracked]
  • David Bowie “Space Oddity” Children’s Book. [Ology]
  • Spank Bank, Bathtub Edition: Candice Marie [Gorilla Mask]
  • The 20 Hottest Photos Of Rose McGowan. [Heavy]
  • The Six Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History. [Smoking Jacket]
  • The 25 Greatest Celebrity Cleavage TwitPics. [Super Booyah]
  • The 40 Hottest International Sports Babes. [Bleacher Report]
  • Frisbee Trick Shots. [College Humor]
  • 8 dumbest moves by big-time criminals. [TruTV]
  • 9 Hilariously Random Pop Culture References From ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. [Screen Junkies]
  • Orientation Brain Charts. [College Humor]
  • VIDEO: Youth football ref likes to dance during games. [Guyism]
  • The Fifty Greatest Plays In College Football History. [Complex]
  • Five Jay-Z Songs About Becoming A Dad. [Smoking Section]
  • Rose McGowan’s Perky Cougar Sideb**bs. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Crappy Movie Recommendation of the Week: Body Slam. [Unreality]
  • 40 Trippy “Tilt-Shift” Photos & 1 Video That Toy With Your Eyeballs. [COED Magazine]
  • Katharine McPhee Pics: We've got the McPheever! [Maxim]
  • Derek Jeter, Ron Artest and Other Athletes That Fans Can't Hate Anymore. [Bleacher Report]
  • Ugly Sideline Reporters Need Not Apply: NBC Sports Network's Darren Rovell. [BB]
  • Erin Heatherton Launches VSX Sexy Sport in Chicago. [Moe Jackson]
  • Simply put, animals that don’t suck (30 Photos). [The Chive]
  • De La Hoya and 10 Other Athletes Who Fell From Glory. [Made Man]
  • The 10 Best Stories From A Meaningless Week In Sports. [Smoking Jacket]
  • 21 Morally Questionable Textbook Pictures. [Super Booyah]
  • Venus Williams pulls out of U.S. Open citing illness. [Guyism]
  • 10 classic cars for under $5,000. [Linkiest]
  • The 10 biggest flops of summer. [FilmDrunk]
  • The 6 Most Frequently Quoted Brain Facts (That Are Total BS). [Cracked]
  • Stupid Game of Thrones Characters. [College Humor]
  • 10 other professions Tim Tebow should have. [SmokingJacket]
  • 50 Hottest Sex Symbols in Sports. [Bleacher Report]
  • 25 terrible restaurant names.  [HolyTaco]
  • The 10 “Best” Biker Gangs. [Maxim]
  • Money for Men: 10 things to not to be cheap about. [Guyism]
  • Top Advances in the History of Sports. [Bleacher Report]
  • World's fattest mom has decided to go on a diet. [TruTV]
  • The 20 greatest Madden cover spoofs. [SuperBooyah]
  • VIDEO: Drunk girl headbutts a taxi multiple time for some reason. [Guyism]
  • NAS behind the scenes. [SoleTron]
  • 5 Important Childhood Archetypes the Movies Overlooked. [Cracked]
  • Reporter Gets Pantsed During Broadcast. [Next Round]
  • World's First Airport for Exclusively Unmanned Aircraft. [Neatorama]
  • 20 Sexiest Celebrities With Famous Parents. [COED Magazine]
  • The 25 Phrases You'll Hear During Orientation Week, And What They Really Mean. [College Humor]


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