James Franco Has Sold a Book of Poetry. This Is What We Imagine It Will Sound Like.

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Via Vulture,

Publishers Weekly reports that James Franco has sold his debut collection of poetry to Graywolf Press. Entitled Directing Herbert White, the book is set to be released in April 2014. “Herbert White” is the name of a short film Franco wrote and directed based on a poem by Frank Bidart. This will be Franco's third book, after his short-story collection, Palo Alto, and his poetry chapbook, Strongest of the Litter.

Because this is James Franco, a man who allegedly wears sweatpants when playing pickup basketball*, this is what I imagine hope his poems will be like: 

Dreamer. Poet. #LifelongLearner.

Can we forget about the things we said when I was drunk?

I didn't mean to call you that. 


Do you know what it feels like? 

To love someone, that's in a rush to throw you away?


For the life of me. I cannot remember 

What made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise


When I wasA young boy. My father. Took me into the city. 

To see a marching band.


Have you seen Spiderman? 

It's dope. 


*A friend of mine once told me this story about how he always used to play pickup basketball around UCLA, and there was this joker who'd play all the time and would talk shit, but in kind of an endearing way. And he'd always wear sweatpants, which made my friend want to talk to him, because you're obviously going to talk to the guy who wears sweatpants while playing pickup basketball due to the fact that in order to do such a thing, you've gotta have some sort of wild upbringing.

Anyway, he gets to be somewhat decent friends with him, and realizes that he looks exactly like James Franco. The next time he goes Franco look-alike is no longer there, and another gym-goer tells him that the dude was actually James Franco. Franco was then never to be found at said gym again. 

**I would not completely trust the validity of this story, though it totally seems like something James Franco would do. 



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