Japanese Man’s Motorcycle Lost in Tsunami Washes Ashore in Canada

by 5 years ago

Ikuo Yokoyama lost three members of his family, his home, and his Harley-Davidson in the disastrous tsunami that hit Japan in March of 2011. In what I’m sure is more of an oddity than a consolation, Yokoyama is being reunited with his bike over a year after it washed ashore in British Columbia on April 18th.

The motorcycle floated across the Pacific Ocean in a storage container that eventually washed away leaving the bike buried in the beach. The Canadian man who found it realized that it was debris from the tsunami and the license plate was used to trace it back to Yokoyama.

The good news is that Yokoyama is not only getting his Harley back, which is understandably corroded and out of working order, he’s getting it refurbished. The company that sold him the bike five years ago is taking care of shipping it back to Japan and restoring it for free.

Apparently the motor cycle is just the beginning of a massive wave of Japanese debris that is expected to wash ashore on the western coast of North America so this is probably one of the first of many stories like this. Along with buoys, some garbage, and a football and volleyball, an unmanned Japanese fishing boat has shown up off the coast of North America recently. I wonder what else will show up. Maybe salvaging Japanese debris can become a favorite pastime of West Coasters.


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