Jessica Biel’s Best GIF Ever, Plus Your Best Links of the Weekend

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The 25 Biggest Sports Dating Rumors of the Year, via Bleacher Report:


Mirrors are a Girls Best Friend, via The Chive:


Biggest Red Flag in the History of Relationships, via Cracked:


Jordan Carver, GET SOME! via GorillaMask:

Let's hear it for college! via LadBible:


A Highly Questionable Ranking of America's Coolest College Towns, via Ranker:


Epic Photobombs are Epic, via The Chive:


The 20 Hottest Italian Girls, via Heavy:


The 10 Greatest Pool Scenes in Movies, via Unreality:


The 5 Weirdest Reasons We Have Sex (According to Science), via Cracked:


The Only Costume You Need This Halloween, via Izismile:


10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2012, via College Humor:


Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm Drinking Game, via RSVLTS:


The Hottest Girls of New York, via Maxim:


40 More Unique And Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes On A Budget, via Uproxx:


7 Most disgusting Halloween treats ever, via TruTV:

10 More Photos Of Somewhat Awkward Randomness, via I-Am-Bored:


Taylor Swift has more reasons to write lame songs, via CelebSlam:


20 Totally Played out Trends in Sports, via Bleacher Report:


8 Strange Beers You've Never Heard Of, via DoubleViking:

What a girl's Halloween costume says about her, via Guyism:


7 Things You Didn't Know About Teddy Roosevelt, via Thrillist:


Inappropriately Sexed Up Halloween Costumes, via Mandatory:


There Are Now Two Shows In Development About Celebrity High Diving, Uproxx:


The 100 Hottest Girls Of College Football: Week 9, via Busted Coverage:


21 Sexy Costumes of Things that Aren’t Sexy, via Smoking Jacket:


Mistakes Guys Make In Bed Video, via AskMen:


10 Hottest [Alleged] Political Mistresses in History, via Guyspeed:


Bonus GIF for making it to the end, via The Chive:

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