VIDEO: The $136,000 Jetlev Water Jet Pack Now Has a Commercial

by 7 years ago

Besides acting like a douchey Aquaman during summer vacation trips to the beach, I can think of a few more pragamtic uses for the JetLev Flyer. For example, technology like this could be a huge asset to spear fishermen who have always dreamed of picking-off marine wildlife from the sky. You can now hunt sharks the same way Sarah Palin hunts wolves. Just crank this thing into overdrive and learn to operate it with one hand and, voila, it's like shooting fishing in a barrel. Or, better yet, when they finally get around to resuscitating the “Baywatch” franchise, it'd be nice to see David Hasselhoff chasing down drug smugglers and other menaces to society on one of these bad boys. Check out the JetLev Flyer in action below, via our friends at the High Definite.

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