John Madden, Japanese Fart Scrolls, Snow Circles, and What Movie Wins the Oscar for Most Bro

By 02.23.12

Twitter Account to Follow

Faux John Madden – @FauxJohnMadden

This John Madden parody account is more about making fun of athletes (across major sports) and other celebrities than it is about sounding like John Madden or thumbing Brett Favre's exit wound. Here are a few of his tweets. 

Photos of the Week

Laron Landry's been lifting weights…

The hardest part of Laron's entire workout is probably taking that shirt off. 

BYU is just a touch uptight

According to The Daily What:

Brigham Young University student Brittany Molina thought she was getting a love note when a fellow student handed her a folded piece of paper while she was standing around the school’s Provo campus on Valentine’s Day.

But when she opened it up, she discovered not an admission of attraction, but instead a strongly worded criticism of her attire.

“You may want to consider that what you’re wearing has a negative effect on men (and women) around you,” read the letter. “Many people come to this university because they feel safe, morally as well as physically, here. They expect others to abide by the Honor Code that we all agreed on. Please consider your commitment to the Honor Code (which you agreed to) when dressing each day. Thank you.”

Sounds to me like Brittany was giving the kid Boner Stabones in class and he didn't have the control to make them stop. Open and shut case, really. I say keep flashing your beefers, Brit. They'll take you further than class or that honor code ever will.

George Washington calling out from the grave OR just a lowly chicken nugget?

I don't know about anyone else but when I'm blowing through a 10-piece the last thing I want to do is look too carefully at any of the nuggets. I just eat them and pray nothing vile squirts out. Oh, and for the serious collector, this nugget is also for sale on eBay.

Japanese Fart Scrolls were a thing (and considered art) some 200 years ago

My quality of life would be through the f*cking roof if farting were anywhere near this cool.

Video of Every Face Punch From “RoadHouse” 

Video That is Both Awesome and a Complete Waste of Time of the Week

I understand the need for an artist to differentiate himself but this is no better than the guy at Ocean City Maryland who used to sculpt Jesus' face in the sand only to have to do it all over again the next day because nature or some jerks urine destroyed it.

Poll Question of the Week

F*ck the Oscars: What's the best Bro movie you've seen this year?

Had “Puss in Boots” been the movie it should have been, this wouldn't even need to be a question. But it sadly wasn't. Of all the movies released in 2011 nothing on the list stood out to me as the unquestionable winner of the best Bro movie of the year.

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