UFC Fighter Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Chases Down a Robber in Patterson, N.J. Before UFC 128

by 7 years ago

So while we were at the park today a crack head smashed this old ladys car window and took off running with her gps just as we were pulling up. Right away….Coach Wink goes after this guy. Without hesitation, Coach Jackson went after him…I was shocked and stood there for a second. Then I threw my phone down and went with my coaches. Before you know it, we're sprinting up a steep hill chasing after him. I turned the jets on….we caught the guy. We got the lady's gps back. Our driver took a picture of Coach Jackson and I subduing the criminal….picture on it's way.

Damn. Just fighting crime and kicking ass like a total boss. It seems to have been verified by multiple legit news outlets; UFC matchmaker Joe Silva said tonight's match will be “business as usual.” This is so surreal that it's hard to believe, especially since it's coincidentally the same day as Bones's blockbuster match at UFC 128. It's almost like something out of the beginning chapters of a superhero comic book. You know, the part where the superhero saves the old lady from a mugger and the hot newscaster develops a huge crush on the hunky crime fighter. What a complete badass. I have a feeling that Bones just won over a lot of non-UFC fans with such an unbelievable act of heroism. The picture above is from Bones' Twitter account, where he writes, “Here's a picture of greg and I subduing the bad guy while waiting for the police.” That jerk-off picked the wrong place and the wrong time to be a prick and rob someone. Gotta love how he finishes things off on Twitter:

Cheers to that. This guy must have both ice water and bolts of electricty running through his veins after foiling this mugging. Can't imagine the adrenaline rush. What are the chances something like that influences how he'll fight Shogun Rua tonight? On a related now, if you're into UFC, check out Heavy.com's Fight Day coverage in anticipation for tonight's UFC 128.

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