The Best Links on the Web for July 28, Presented By Lily Aldridge

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  • The 30 Worst Stadiums and Arenas in American Sports. [Bleacher Report]
  • 20 dumb things about being an office drone. [TruTV]
  • Sexy Brazilian Beach Bums. [COED Magazine]
  • Best Of The College Freshman Meme. [Next Round]
  • 11 Prominent Authors Who Excelled in Sports. [Mental Floss]
  • Caroline Wozniacki and Adidas?!?! [TDW Tease]
  • 100 Funniest Mugshot T-Shirts of All Time. [Super Booyah]
  • 20 Of Rap's Best Comeback Albums. [The Smoking Section]
  • Nine Incredible Videos of Bulls Dominating Humans. [Smoking Jacket]
  • 20 Reasons To Stay Out of the Water. [Heavy]
  • Bro move, Beckett. [TDW]
  • Abigail Spencer Hotness [Maxim]
  • …them dames is sexy as hell (26 photos). [The Chive]
  • “Why I’m Qualified To Be An Intern For The Wu-Tang Clan” [Holy Taco]
  • Meet The Fat Guy Strangler [AdultSwim]
  • Blake Lively Pimps A BMW Mini Cooper [Moe Jackson]
  • Ayanna Jordan Is An Attractive Woman. [Slingshot]
  • 20 Bone Crunching Examples of Midget Wrestling. [Slingshot]
  • An Alternate Career To Consider Should Prefer Asses To Assets. [Dealbreaker]
  • 25 Juking and Jiving Football Celebrations (Video Gallery). [Holy Taco]
  • NASCAR’s Maryeve Dufault Is Ex-Bikini Model & Barker Beauty. [Busted Coverage]
  • Audrina Patridge is good for selling things, I guess (with bonus video!). [Guyism]
  • Mindi Smith has a tramp stamp you don't want to miss… [Gorilla Mask]
  • Brandi Glanville Bikini Pictures. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Hot girls from really far away (31 Photos). [The Chive]
  • Top 10 English Words With Shameful Pasts. [UD]
  • Whitney Port’s Wardrobe Malfunction. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • If Adult TV Shows Were Remade for Children. [College Humor]
  • The 5 Biggest Marijuana Busts In United States History. [COED Magazine]
  • 6 real life superhumans. [Neatorama]
  • Memorable Moments in TV: The Best Picket Fences Moment of all Time. [Unreality]
  • 5 Projects You Won't Believe the US Government Is Working On. [Cracked]
  • Emily Blunt Tightens Up for Gym. [GCeleb]
  • Amanda Roadmen is Hot. That is all. [Made Man]
  • 2011 Lingerie Football League: Power Ranking the Top 10 Players. [Bleacher Report]
  • 8 dumbest hybrid sports. [TruTV]
  • Kim Lee and Aubrey O’Day are still pretty sexy. [FHM]
  • Woman Injured While Having Sex On Business Trip: Sues Employer. [Cosby Sweaters]
  • Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet Roots For Yankees, Patriots & Celtics! [Busted Coverage]
  • Chinese teen has skull pierced by sword — somehow survives. [Asylum]
  • MTV News (1995): The Internet. [High Definite]
  • 5 Amazing Abandoned Wastelands … Within Walking Distance. [Cracked]
  • Reggie Bush Is Headed To Miami, Bringing Melissa Molinaro With Him (Gallery). [Total Pro Sports]
  • Summer Camp Vs. NFL Training Camp. [College Humor]
  • VIDEO: Reporter stumbles over her own words, to anchor’s disgust. [Guyism]
  • Olivia Goes Wilde West for Nylon [COED Magazine]
  • Shocked & Awed Dude vs. Bootleg Fireworks…WHO YA GOT!?!? [Gorilla Mask]
  • Community Probably Can’t Do A “Back To The Future” Episode. [Warming Glow]
  • 10 really disgusting food facts you didn’t know. [Guyism]
  • Dumbest hangover cure ever. [TruTV]
  • Anne Vyalitsyna strikes a few holy poses for True Religion Jeans’ latest ad campaign. [TDW Tease]
  • 7 Things Wearing Fake Glasses Non-Verbally Communicates. [College Humor]
  • Nothing 'cool' about a bus bursting into flames. [TruTV]
  • The 14 Ways to Be Scared By a Mirror in Movies. [Cracked]
  • 2 Dogs, 1 Subtitled Argument. [COED Magazine]
  • Brett Ratner finally made a movie about a black guy yelling inside a car. [Film Drunk]
  • 20 Most Ridiculous Haircuts in Sports. [Bleacher Report]
  • 25 Best Fight Scenes in Sports Movie History. [Bleacher Report]

Girls Basketball Dunk FAIL

F-35 Take-Off Video of the Day. U-S-A. U-S-A

RIP Hideki Irabu

Tips? Lots of videos and really, really good music on the next few pages… Keep clicking!


Red State Trailer

Bike Thief Takedown of the Day

The Dude Who Witnessed The Oslo Bombing Loves Talking About Working Out

Doctor: Symptoms

Orchestra Plays On Island Pool Stage


The Man Without A Facebook

Soccer Tantrum of the Day

Cool Kayak Video of the Day

More Other Videos

Surf Video of the Day

Denise Richards Lesbian Tell-All of the Day


Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You”

Aloe Blacc – Loving You is Killing Me

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B.o.B featuring Amy Winehouse – Grip Your Body

Twin Sister — “Bad Street”

Jon Connor — “Ain't No Future”

The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt Collaboration

*Might want to take mushrooms before listening. Details at Paste Magazine.

“I’m Working at NASA on Acid”

“I Want to Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage”

“NASA’s Final Acid Bath”

“I Want to Get Damaged But I Won’t Say Hi”

For no reason at all, we listened to the “Jay's Dead” mash-up from a few years back. Like, I think it came out my junior year in college, to be precise. Stream it at Spinjunkies. Here's a rather outstanding track. 

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