This Is One Helluva Katy Perry GIF, Plus Today’s Best Links

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57 Chicks in Tight Dresses, via The Chive:

27 Athletes Who Need to 'Bro' It Down, via Bleacher Report:

5 Awesome Vigilantes with Must-Read Stories, via Cracked:

Hilarious Audio of an Old Guy Losing it on Xbox Live, via I Am Bored:

20 Hottest Women of France, via Heavy:

The Best Shows to Stream on Netflix, via Ranker:

10 TV Shows to Buy on DVD for Cyber Monday, via Uproxx:

Mindy Robinson is In Our Spank Bank, via Gorilla Mask:

10 of History's Most Notorious Drinkers, via Mandatory:

17 Gifts that Will Make People Hate You, via TruTV:

Outtakes from Rihanna's GQ Photoshoot, via Guyism:

Come Back, Summer, via Izismile:

Ways to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Even Better, via CollegeHumor:

This Is a Great Way to Play Video Games, via Lad Bible:

The 5 Best Love Interests from Superhero Movies, via Unreality Mag:

Is The Walking Dead the Best Zombie Adaptation Ever? via Double Viking:

Russian Girls Are Absolutely the Best, via Maxim:

5 Best Places to Meet Women at Lunch, via Guyspeed:

Girls Who Can't Figure Out Their Dresses, via The Chive:


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