Las Vegas is Slightly More Dirty Than Previously Thought

by 6 years ago

So how did our beloved Las Vegas manage to get even more filthy?

In the last decade, Vegas has really made an conscious effort to be a 24-hour wonderland for adults. In doing so, many hotels have incorporated day-clubs at their adult-only pools. The good result: huge parties and tons of extra revenue. The not-so-good result: a plethora of consumed and expelled alcohol in said pool. Basically, on top of the occasional spilled drink, grown men and women urinate in these pools so much that the water is borderline sewage.

Am I shocked that a bunch of drunks piss in pools? Not in the least. Drunks f*cking piss everywhere (not to mention, they c*m and shit like unchaimed beasts too). I'll admit that I've pissed in multiple pools in Vegas, and sure as shit that isn't my fault. I really blame the a**holes who put one f*cking bathroom on the whole premisses for that. I mean, no shot in hell are men getting out every 15-minutes after the initial seal is breached. Especially if the nearest bathroom is 300 yards away. 

The Daily tested the five most popular pools in Las Vegas. The findings might not deter you from entering the water, but they should make you reconsider swallowing a gulp of it or opening your eyes. And for a special few of you savages, this could inspire you to dump an ass worth into one of these swamps on your next trip. Chart is below. 


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