Insane Leaked Footage Shows BRUTAL Prison Fight Club That Ends Only When Someone Is Unconscious

By 10.27.16


Disturbing footage has been leaked which shows an insane fight club in a Brazilian prison where the winner isn’t declared until one of the participants is unconscious.

The footage, filmed in the Complexo do Curado Jail in the city of Recife, shows hundreds of inmates cheering as the men attempt beat the living hell out of each other.

Reports the Daily Mail

Anonymous statements from former prisoners have been collected by Brazilian media outlet Globo, and they gave a shocking insight into the lives of the inmates.

One said: ‘When does this finish? When the first man faints.’

Another added: ‘The fights take place every day. There is training to prepare for a fight and specific days are marked in the calendar for tournaments.’

An anonymous guard told journalists: ‘As time goes by, prisoners are more and more armed. Guards don’t go into some sectors because of those guns.’

Prosecutor Marcelo Ugiette said: ‘This is an example of what should never happen.’

He added: ‘More than 50 percent of inmates are waiting for their trials.’

The facility was designed for less than 2,000 prisoners and it currently holds 7,000.

This is yet another a brutal reminder of what happens when the massive overcrowding and under-funding of prisons in places like Brazil goes unchecked.

[Daily Mail]

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