Topl*ss Dancing, Lesbian Sex Acts, and Dong Pics All at Women’s Prison in Florida

By 08.05.11

Besides the sexy hi-jinx that occurred in the jail, Chibnick is said to have searched for inmates on Facebook after they were released. One inmate said he didn't make sexual advances, but that he did contact her and sent a photo of his pecker (that seems like borderline “sexual advance” to me). Chibnick even sent a picture of his wang next to a toothbrush (maybe It makes it look thicker).

He denied any inappropriate contact or behavior and told investigators, “if he were to return to his assignment with the female inmates, he would not do anything differently.”

The Broward Sheriff's Office employee was given a counseling slip advising him of the policies, and he was transferred on his own request to Joseph V. Conte Facility, an all-male jail.

On a personal note, I have just submitted my resume to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

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