Louisiana Has More Drunks Than Anywhere in the Country, and More Things We Think About States

by 4 years ago

After publishing a poll asking Europeans which countries were the hottest, drunkest, and most likeable, Buisness Insider took the grown-up class superlatives stateside today, asking 1603 of its readers over a dozen questions about their fellow Americans. The resulting stereotypes were pretty funny. New York and Texas may differ politically, but they can bond over a shared arrogance. Both ranked high. California is full of nuts, and it won running away when the pollsters asked “Which state is the craziest?”

Finally, the Rajun' Cajuns get astoundingly high marks in the “Which state is the drunkest?” contest, which does make sense after factoring in both Mardi Gras and New Orleans' neighbors across the border: Both Alabama and Mississippi were named among the ugliest states in the country. Beer googles=a state-wide Louisiana necessity.

Go read the whole thing at BI. A small sampling is below:


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