How Does Major World News Affect Our Masturbating?

by 4 years ago

Sure, it's an expression we use a lot, but can major world events have a significant impact on whether we jerk off or not?

Accoring to a new study by the folks at PornHub, yes, they can. 

For instance, the death of the world's most wanted terrorist caused a significant drop off in porn viewing. America saw a seven percent drop in usage when Osama Bin Laden died. And if you recall, it happened at night. That's prime porn time. But, that also means guys put their dicks away to watch Barack Obama's announcement. What a nice gesture.  

In England, porn usage dropped 15% during the royal wedding (and I hope that wasn't because Brits were jacking it to Kate Middleton's laced up arms instead. Inappropriate). Also, usage drops almost 50% in Israel during Yom Kippur (shouldn't that be 100%?). And no one in the U.S  is spanking it during the Super Bowl.

So basically, humans are pretty decent people who can be counted on not to masturbate during important moments. Good for us

[H/T HyperVocal]

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