Man is Arrested for Driving Drunk During a Demolition Derby (That He Won)

by 6 years ago

According to Off the Bench, the folks who run the Jessamine County Fair are f*cking pissed that David Warner got tanked and made a mockery out of an event founded on mockery.  In fact, he is no longer welcome to compete at their Fair.

“The young man has no future here as far as events. He will not be allowed to participate in any event on these fairgrounds,” Jessamine County Fair board president Jay Bruner said.

Warner talked to NEWSFIRST Thursday afternoon saying he was unfairly treated, and called the charge ridiculous.

“I mean, I’m not denying I wasn’t drinking by no means, but I was not drunk. I was under the limit,” Warner said. Warner claims he drank a few beers before hitting the track, to “loosen me up,” but he said it wasn’t enough to warrant a DUI.

“I’m not perfect, but this has gone too far, and I will fight it,” he said.

I don't know dick about the ins and outs of demo derby but I fail to see any problem here. You are in a controlled environment that requires you to drive like a relentless a**hole. I'm thinking booze coursing through your bloodstream is only going to help the cause and give casual spectators more of what they came to see. Like, for example, what roids did for baseball. The police may have a case since it's illegal to drink and operate a motor vehicle (just like steroids are illegal), but if alcohol wasn't banned in the demolition derby bylaws, this guy should not be sent into an early retirement nor should he be stripped of his title and prize money. If A-rod and Ortiz can still play ball, Warner should be able to derby.

Now I'm done. 


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