Man Masturbates Himself And Horse, Gets Tased Three Times After Cops Find Him At Church

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There have been some seriously fucked up things that I’ve seen or read in my 30-plus years on this earth, but the story about an Oregon man named Glen Garbutt might just take the cake.

As if you can’t already tell by the photo above, Garbutt certainly looks like a stranger danger who creeps out anything that can breathe. I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but, good lord, man, what on earth was going on in that head of yours?

No one really knows but him, seeing as how on June 4 when, according to an owner of a horse and two other witnesses, Garbutt was reportedly seen masturbating himself and the the colt, which, clearly, isn’t OK.

That’s not even the end of this bizarre shit, though, as it took cops a little over three weeks to track down this weirdo, finally catching up with him at a Seventh Day Adventist Church, where he all but sold himself out by telling the 5-0 that he had never had sex with a horse—with the arresting officer saying there was no mention of a horse prior to that.

Good job, Glen. Lying is clearly not one of your strong suits.

Even after being a dumbass and telling the cops pretty much everything they needed to know, Garbutt figured he would get the most out of this little fiasco, resisting arrest and interfering with an officer, forcing the boys in blue to tase him three times while still at that church.

The only thing missing from this story is video of that tasering. Fuck, how epic would that have been to see that horse fucker go down after getting a bunch of electric volts go through him?

Either way, you’ve really got to feel for ol’ Glen, as his love for horse dong took him down a strange path that led to some jail time.

While every guy talks about wanting to be a thoroughbred in the sack, actually wanting to have a thoroughbred to love is a whole new ballgame—so, for that, well, you’re one sick fuck, Glen.


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