Oh, Hey Mark Cuban, Thanks for Reading BroBible!

by 6 years ago

We head to this standard dive bar in Manhattan Beach only to run into none other than the Cubes, posted up in the back corner with his boys, crushing nothing but what appeared to be a domestic light beer. Yes, the first thing I did was see what he was drinking… I mean what would you do? It's f*cking Mark Cuban, ok? Recognizing the fact that you all would have probably killed me if I had not gone and said something to him after all the coverage we do about this Bro, I go over to shake his hand and congratulate him on the championship. Pull out my card (which I had strategically pulled out of my wallet and put into my left pocket), and let him know that I think our site might just entertain him. This is when he lets me know that he knows BroBible from the notifications he receives and that he is a fan. I walk away 45 seconds later feeling pretty f*cking good. Fast forward an hour and I walk past him again and we catch eyes and he goes “BroBible! Thanks for the Bro status thing [Bro of the week], you guys are killing it”… For the next minute he proceeds to tell me about the pissing with the NBA trophy picture, which partly earned him our coveted accolade. I then tell him that I have to take a picture “for my editors” and he does kindly and then he moves on to talk to someone else.

Thank YOU for being a Bro icon, Mark Cuban. And thanks to everyone else for reading. Have a nice weekend.

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