Man Dies from Meth Lab Explosion in Nursing Home

By 03.06.12

From the New York Daily News:

A fire at a northeast Ohio nursing home Sunday that killed one and injured six others was caused by a meth lab that had been set up in one of the resident's rooms, authorities said. The deadly blast occurred in a second floor room of the Park Haven Nursing Home in Ashtabula at around 8:30 p.m., firefighters said, sending staffers scrambling to save the home's three dozen elderly or disabled residents.

“There was this guy and he was engulfed in flames. One of our residents put him out, but then the fire started up and he had to be put out again,” said Deanna Bigley a nurse at the facility. Thankfully for the old people there was a heroine (No “heroine,” not “heroin”). Kristi Hance, a pregnant 28-year-old nurse saved several senior citizens from the blaze and actually made several trips back into the blazing building to help residents escape.

One might suspect that Walt White might be involved, but it appears to be a work of an amateur and not a professional like Heisenberg. The local fire Chief, Ron Pristera told that they found evidence that the blaze was caused by a “shake-and-bake” style meth lab. If I was to suspect a lab at a nursing home, I would think Geritol lab, but never a meth lab.


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