Mountain Dew Asks Internet to Name Its Next Drink: Leaders Include ‘Gushing Granny,’ ‘Diabeetus’

by 5 years ago

No problem for the notorious trolls from 4chan. They populated the list with names offensive—No. 1 for a while was “Hitler did nothing wrong”—disgusting—”Gushing Granny” and “Grannies Squirt” both populated the top 10—and flat-out hilarious—”Fapple,” “Coke,” “Diabeetus.” Mountain Dew was left with a list of ridiculous choices.

Unfortunately, the presumably terrified marketing guys at Mountain Dew saw the writing on the wall and shut down the site. But not before screenshots were taken. Check 'em out:

Here's a mirror of the site as well, cached right before it was taken down. Looks like “HIV Juice” was making a strong push for the top at that point.

Let this be a lesson to any aspiring marketing/advertising guys out there: Don't do crowdsourced contests on the Internet.

Via HyperVocal and Reddit

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