Shockingly Enough, the Adult Film STD Outbreak Was Caused by an Actor Lying About His Results

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Mr. Marcus, familiar to anyone who has accidentally spent the better part of 15 years watching other people copulate, admits to testing positive for the disease and then doctoring his results so he could get back to bangin’.

Mr. Marcus, told trade journal Adult Video News (AVN) he went to his personal doctor when he felt sick on July 11. The doctor ran tests, and the next day learned Mr. Marcus tested positive for syphilis. The following day, he was given a penicillin shot and told to abstain from sex.

“My personal doctor doesn’t know what I do for a living,” Mr. Marcus told the website. “So his thing was just don’t have any sex for 7-10 days. Once I did that shot I felt pretty confident. Every doctor I talked to up to that point said, ‘You get the shot. That’s it.’”

Although subsequent testing showed syphilis was still in his system, 11 days after he received treatment, on July 24, Mr. Marcus shot a sex scene. He says the producer didn’t check his name in the Talent Testing Service (TTS) database, only asked to see a physical proof of his test results.

Mr. Marcus showed the producer a copy on his cell phone, but admits he hid the part that showed he had tested positive for syphilis.

That right there is the move of a crafty veteran. A particularly shameful move, but crafty nonetheless.

This is the latest in what’s been an eventful year for the adult film star. In May, he blew the lid off the Los Angeles Coliseum porn shoot that rattled a nation to its core.

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