NASA Has Released a 360 Degree Panorama of Mars, and It’s Pretty Amazing

by 5 years ago

NASA, which beat the odds to put Curiosity on Mars a couple of days (then Tweeted out a sex joke to celebrate), already has another rover around on the Red Planet called “Opportunity,” a machine about to come to the end of its run. It's going out with a bang, though, sending back this amazing panaromic view of the planet:

That's not all. NASA also has a 360-degree that you can move around, allowing you to check out the sky and the red dirt beneath the rover (as well as Christopher Lloyd, if he's presumably still there). Unfortunately we can't show it here, but go to NASA's site to check it out. 

Now one has to assume even more amazing shots are coming from the bigger, more powerful Curiosity. We'll be sure to post 'em.

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