Do You Need Good Looks To Get Women?

By 06.21.13

Here's how it really is: the better you look, the easier it is to score increasingly hotter women. Does that mean you have to be good looking in order to get laid? NO but, looking good, will surely help your situation.

Let’s dive deeper…

All the big dating gurus out there created a myth that's still widely believe today.

“It doesn’t matter how you look, you’ll be able to get any woman you want”

That’s just retarded.  I’ve gotten laid plenty of times just because the chicks believed I was hot. Heck, I’m not even that hot but I once had a chick approach me in a club saying that she just had to talk to me because I looked so good (grated that only happened once).

Looks Matter But Not As Much As You Think

Yes, looks do matter but when it comes down to it, women don’t care about it as much as we do. Looking good will just give you more opportunities. Some women will reject you because you weren’t attractive enough when you first approached them. Sure, that may happen less to good looking men but at the end of the day those guys can fail within the next 30 seconds. If you’re a total moron when you open your mouth, those great looks you’ve got, will do nothing for you.

I’ve met so many frustrated women who’ve been utterly disappointed by dudes that looked good only to turn into retards the moment they opened their mouths. When compared to men, women won’t just bang a guy just because he was good looking. This means that being good looking will only give you a bigger opportunity.

This is why there’s absolutely no reason to blame your looks for anything. Many of you…the ones that say “I’m not good looking which is why I’m not getting laid”, are only using this an excuse. Quite frankly, the statement is nothing more than a pathetic excuse you use to hide under.

Unless you look like a monstrosity – you dress well, look clean, keep clean, very few women will DENY you the opportunity of getting to know them. You’ll always see great looking chicks with not so great looking guys and that’s just a testament of how unimportant looks are to some women.

But be realistic: In order to have a decent amount of success you also need to be realistic. If you rate yourself as a 1 from 1 to 10, then don’t expect to score that perfect 10. As a rule of thumb you can go at least 3-4 higher. If you’re a 3 you can score a 7. If you’re a 6, you can score 10. Yes, if you're butt ugly you won't be able to score Jessica Alba. If that surprises you, work on dropping your standards otherwise you'll be alone forever.

Looks Are Just An Advantage

Being physically attractive is an advantage, in the same way as having a ton of cash is another advantage. Owning your own business is an advantage. Being a club promoter is an advantage. Being famous is an advantage. Being fluent in 5 languages is an advantage. Get the point?

Neither of the above examples will guarantee you a flock of women. They only offer you an edge in front of the competition

I wanted to get all of this out in the open because so many guys out there make such a big deal about it. I’ve lost about 15 kgs in the last 5 months and went from a horrible belly to almost ripped abs. Do I have more women checking me out? Yeah. But, do I get laid more often? Nope. The only difference is that I can approach more women without an INSTANT rejection. This means that I have to approach fewer women on any given night to be successful but other than that, it’s game on.

If I still had that belly and looked even worse than I do now, I’d probably have to approach 2x more women on any given night. With that being said, I would still yield the same exact result at the end of the evening – 1 chick that I’m going to bang.

Stop using your looks as an excuse for why you aren’t getting any women. Go out there and approach chicks, show them your personality, show them that you’ve got value, show them how amazing you are and most importantly show them that you’ve got game.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window.

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