New Toothbrush Shaves Two Minutes, 54 Seconds Off Brushing Time

by 4 years ago

I don't know if I have ever made it the full 180 seconds. I doubt I've ever even brushed my teeth for an entire minute. It's so boring. I could be in bed. Or doing something that doesn't involve hygiene-related tasks. Brushing your teeth is the stupidest way to spend the precious minutes you have in life. 

Unless you are brushing your teeth with a new technology that will do 100% of the work in 3% of the time and looks like a medieval torture device. Blizzident's newest toothbrush looks nothing like what you are used to. It is custom-made for your mouth by a 3-D printer. It does the job in six seconds. SIX. I probably still won't use it when I'm drunk, but on regular days, think of the time save.

[H/T Quartz]


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