No, You Can Stop Saying ‘Dope Sauce’

By 12.12.12

1. Robb—if that’s even your REAL name, hmmmm?— thinks that “dope sauce” is an acceptable thing for a 22-year-old person to say. You’re not a kid anymore. You can’t use this slang and think people will take you seriously. You're a respected scribe and poet.

2. It’s derived from the term “dope,” which reached its peak in 1992, along with the slang terms “kick it,” “mac daddy,” and “fly hoochy.” Here’s an LA Times article on the manner from August of 1992. The point being: Find newer phrases. The only other person to exclusively use slang from the early 90s is Cam from “How to Make It in America” and that was because the show's writers actually thought kids still talked like that.

3. According to the Free Dictionary, it’s actually from a Dutch word:

“Slang chiefly US excellent [from Dutch doop sauce, from doopen to dip]”

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought this was AMERICA, Robb. You socalist Dutchman, have you forgotten how to speak English?

4. It’s been on the website SO MUCH. Click on these links and hit Control + F.

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I could go on, but the point is this: Randy Jackson has a more varied vocabulary.

5. I’m actually able to look my parents in the eye knowing they may have seen J. Camm’s orange urine. I can’t say the same for knowing they may have seen an article with the word “dope sauce.” Please, just throw me a bone here.

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