The Official Drinking Game of the ‘Jersey Shore’ Italy Season

By 08.04.11

Season 4 Rules:

  •  Drink whenever a cast member mispronounces or has difficulty pronouncing an Italian word.
  • Drink whenever the cameras capture a visibly annoyed Italian native or when the cast members are confronted by an Italian native for any reason.
  •  Drink whenever the cast members are confused by the Italian language or signage.
  • Drink whenever the cast members have an awkward exchange with or get shot down by an Italian native of the opposite sex. Drink 2 if a cast member explains to the camera why hooking up or is more difficult or different in Italy to justify why they were unsuccessful.
  • Drink whenever Snooki or Deena fall down randomly. 
  • Drink whenever a cast member references their Italian heritage. Chug the remainder of your drink if Snooki (Chilean) or JWoww (Irish-Spanish) in any way insinuate they are Italian.
  • Drink whenever a cast member uses the phrase “get it in.”
  • Drink whenever a cast member looks confused or disgusted with something authentically Italian or something that is common in Italy or Europe (examples include prepared food or grocery items, swimwear or other clothing, advertisements or other publicly displayed images or art, common urban animals such as pigeons or rats, European electrical outlets or bathroom fixtures, etc.).
  • Drink whenever there is a long distance drunk dial. Drink 2 if the call is placed to a parent or similar “elder” relative.
  • Drink whenever the cast members break something.
  • Drink whenever MTV plays a siren noise or cuts to a shot of an ambulance or police car.
  • Drink whenever a cast member visits an Italian landmark. Drink twice if they are visibly bored or anxious to leave to do something else.
  • Drink whenever a cast member adopts a fake Italian accent or mimics native Italian people (via hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.).
  • Drink whenever a cast member screams “Italy” or “Florence” at the top of their lungs. Drink 2 if they use the Italian pronunciation “Italia” or “Firenze”. Drink 1 additional if a cast member needs clarification as to what “Italia” or “Firenze” means.
  • Drink whenever a cast member comes up with a variation of “grenade” or other negative term or phrase to describe the girl/guy they or another cast member has brought back to the house (i.e. “land mine”, “shrapnel”, “Staten Island Dump”, etc.).
  • Drink whenever a cast member is shown eating pizza on the job. Drink 2 if they get caught or reprimanded by the shop owner/manager for sneaking food.
  • Drink whenever Ronnie moves pieces of furniture, The Situation meddles in someone else’s business, Pauly D refers to “making a name for himself” or “doing his thing” or Vinny alludes to his “sausage” in any way.
  • Drink whenever Snooki engages in strenuous activity or unnecessary gymnastics, you see JWoww’s side-boob, Deena complains about being single or when you feel the sudden overwhelming wish that Sammi was punched by a guy in Seaside instead of Snooki.
  • Drink whenever a member of the cast is recognized by tourists.
  • Drink whenever a cast member complains about the lack of proper tanning facilities, nail salons, gyms, dry cleaners or barber shops. Drink 2 if they make reference to their inability to GTL.

Addendum (Optional Rules Back by Popular Demand):

Optional Pre-Episode Proposition Bets:

Before the start of the show, anyone participating in the game will select the Jersey Shore cast member they feel are most likely to be the first shown doing a typical guido/guidette activity during that episode. For each cast member you correctly select, you will get to dole out 5 total drinks in any combination to others playing the game.

  • First cast member to be shown fist pumping during the episode.
  • First to bring someone home to the house.
  • First to throw a punch or get into a fight.
  • First to be shown applying hair product/fixing their hair.
  • First to be shown or mention tanning.

Optional Season 1-3 Favorites:

  • Drink when any cast member is applying hair product or references their hair (i.e. their “poof” or “blowout”).
  • Drink whenever a cast member is shown wearing sunglasses inside or at night.
  • Drink when a cast member fist pumps. Drink 2 if the cast fist pumps as a group.
  • Drink whenever a cast member removes their shirt in public (i.e. not at the house).
  • Drink whenever Mike refers to himself as “The Situation” or any other housemate makes a joke about whether he is or is not “The Situation”. Limit of 5 drinks per episode.
  • Drink whenever they mispronounce Nicole’s nickname “Snooki” (i.e. she is referred to as “Snickers”, “Snookers”, “Snookums”, etc.). Limit of 5 drinks per episode.
  • Drink anytime a private security guard for the group makes their way into the shot or has to interfere in a fight.
  • Drink whenever Snooki eats or mentions pickles.
  • Drink whenever any of the guys hit on a girl who may not be of legal age.
  • Drink when the cast members get into a fight. If a cast member is arrested, later claims “self-defense” or claims the fight was started by “haters”, drink one extra for each.

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