Former OSU Law Student Steals and Re-Sells $35,000 in Books from Library

By 02.21.11

According to police, Valdes stole some 387 books from the law library at OSU sometime during 2010, and then created two accounts on Amazon from which to sell them: Orion Bookstore and Brianisme. The library is seeking restitution of $34,600 for the stolen books, because there's no chance of getting any of the books back.

“As far as the majority of the books that he stole and shipped to people throughout the country and throughout the world … we have not recovered those,” the local police chief told The Lantern, OSU's student newspaper. “There's no way for us to get those back.”

To his credit, Valdes has apparently been very cooperative with the authorities. Employees at the law library, who had spent hours on the case, had only uncovered about 100 books that they believed he had stolen. When he was interviewed by police, he revealed the full extent of his theft.

Valdes withdrew from OSU last semester and will most likely not be a lawyer.


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