This Panhandler Makes $200 An Hour, But Gives Away His Secret, So Let’s All Give It A Try

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NY Post

At this point in my career I’d probably be better off begging for money on the street. Don’t get me wrong, I like writing, but I don’t make $200 an hour to blog.

This NYC panhandler claims he makes insane money just being a bum. He reported this to the NY Post who slapped it on the front page and that’s probably the worst thing to do to a guy running a scam.

Will Andersen, a former theater stagehand, tells the ​Post​ (not his best decision) that at peak times, he can really make a killing. “On a Friday morning, I make $400 in two hours​,” he says, adding, “I have gotten $80 or $100 from a single person. And they will say, ‘Just do something good tonight.’ They mean go to a hotel or a hostel.”

Naturally, much like the Fox News lobster-eating surfer, this is evidence of entitlement culture run amok. The ​Post ​reports that nearby bums bragged about getting three sandwiches in a single day, and others are “raking in the big bucks,” by “​doing nothing but sitting on the sidewalk with hands out.​” The ​Post ​indicates that Andersen has a competitive advantage because he has a dog​—​he agrees​—​and that his get-rich-quick scheme has become “so lucrative, Andersen said he now rents a room in Inwood.”

The dog. The key is the dog. You need a dog. Maybe you can have Will’s since he’s disappeared now that the story has run.

In a follow-up, the Post ​reports that Andersen, “the Grand Central Terminal panhandler who’s now the poster child for getting rich quick by begging,​” has since disappeared from his place of work.

He’s probably dead. You don’t go announcing to an entire city how much money you make unless you’re an idiot or a Trump. Those might be the same thing.

[via NY Post / Esquire]

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