Parents Buy Son New Macbook Because He Promised to Stop ‘Committing Homosexual Acts’

by 5 years ago

The Los Angeles Craigslist briefly had this entry before it was flagged and taken down. It's a glimpse into the worst parents in the world:

I am selling my son's macbook pro 15 inch. He found out that there is going to be a new macbook so I will be buying that for him. I bought it last summer so it isn't even a year old yet. It is on pretty decent shape. I am pretty firm on the price.

Just a footnote, I don't want to get a ton of messages from you guys saying that I am spoiling my son and turning him into an entitled monster. There is a backstory that you aren't even aware of. My son was committing homosexual acts and got caught in the act. We made a deal that if he chose to be straight, that we would buy him more nice things. So don't message me saying that I am a bad parent for spoiling him. It's quite the opposite, I am a good parent and I'm working with him to correct his problem.

Since this post originates in L.A. and not Mississippi, it's most likely a troll f*cking around and writing a joke post.

But if it isn't, kid, here's something we definitely don't recommend doing—we definitely don't recommend filming yourself with another guy using the new MacBook Pro and sending the evidence to your homophobic parents. We're definitely not recommending that.

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