The Waiter Given the Huge Tip By Peyton Manning Has Been Fired

by 6 years ago

Pretty nice of him, right? Well, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. The overzealous waiter went ahead and posted the bill online, which quickly went viral.

The owner and operator of the establishment, Van Eure, was not pleased about this breach of privacy.

Eure was livid when she learned about the check and said the server was immediately terminated. “This goes against every policy we have,” said Eure. “It's just horrible.”

The Angus Barn has a long tradition of serving celebrities major and minor, and it's a strict policy of the restaurant that their private dining experiences stay private. That was violated in this case, said Eure, who added that she intends to phone Manning to apologize personally.

There’s a lesson in there. Celebrities rolling through your serving job can be wildly beneficial. During my college years, Kid Rock was a staple at the place I worked. He’d come in, rack up an insane bill and then leave a 70 percent tip. God, we loved him.

As a crew we were advised to not share the details of our high-profile guests’ visits. We ignored this, of course, but it was before the time of widespread camera phones and rampant social media. Had word ever gotten back to our superiors that were flapping our gums, it would have been curtains.

The moral is that you never look a show horse in the mouth. If the one percent wants to give you exorbitant tips, shut up and take it.

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