Pirates Upload Treasure Trove Of Porn On YouTube Through Backdoor And Are Making Money

by 1 year ago


Do you wake up in the morning and optimistically ponder, “I can’t find any porn on the internet, I wish that there was porn on YouTube.” Well, you’re in luck! Apparently, there are plenty of hidden porn videos on YouTube that are getting millions of views per day thanks to a dirty backdoor. Phrasing!

Porno streaming sites utilize a loophole in Google’s services to store and host sex vids at no cost to them. YouTube’s strict Community Guidelines prohibits porn on the site, but savvy users upload content without publicly listing it on YouTube. By simply listing uploaded video as “private” content users are able to circumvent Google’s high-end Content-ID security system. These videos are served directly from the GoogleVideo.com domain without being listed on YouTube. The unlisted videos are then given direct links with content coming straight from Google’s servers.

“There is a big loophole on YouTube,” California-based adult filmmaker Dreamroom Productions told TorrentFreak. Pirates “take advantage” of sharing settings to upload videos “and freely use them on third-party websites to earn profits,” the firm said, adding that removal of the videos can take up to three weeks.

Videos default to public viewing, but users can change privacy settings to unlisted (video does not appear in search results but a link can be shared with anyone) or private (video does not appear in search results but a link can be shared with up to 50 account holders).

More and more, Google’s servers are increasingly being used as a hosting platform. And it’s not just freaky deeky porn, the users are also uploading pirated content and copyright-protected material.

“It’s unclear how the trick works precisely, and it could be a bit more complex that using a regular privately published video,” Torrent Freak added.

Google has been doing its best to take down the adult content as it discovers it but the task is arduous at best. Trying to locate the content has proven difficult and unless original owners say something, the company is unable to identify much of the videos.

This all sounds extremely tedious. I’ll just stick with my XHamster, thank you very much.


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