6 Underrated Places to Pick Up Girls After College

By 08.08.14


College life means a bevy of potential hook-ups are around you constantly. Gorgeous girls who kill beer and act chill as hell are common on college campuses, but in the real world they’re rarer than your childhood Ninja Turtles toy that your dog ended up eating. Post graduation means all of a sudden living for the weekends and being surrounded by pennies instead of dimes. No longer are you immersed in yoga clad hotties or even goth chicks that could get it, instead, you’re looking at a mid 40’s working mom who hates the company printer. Bars are an obvious choice but it gets harder to talk to strange women in the real world, after a few years they’ve heard it all and have more guards up than a cartel drug lord. These are a few simple and easy places you’ll be able to pick up women after college.

House Parties: House parties mean you’ve already gotten the okay from her friend. Getting an invitation to someones home means you’re not a creeper, so you have a decent chance. It’s pretty much an in and you already have the conversation starter of “How do you know the host?” Try not to ruin that by letting anyone know you’re just a neighbor whose crashing the party for free beer. Also try being as loud as possible and falling over things. Women love it when you fall over things at house parties.

The Internet: Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, but after you try it you’re probably going to knock it. The internet is a game of numbers, the more girls you talk to the higher your chances are. The only problem is half the people on dating sights are fresh escapees from mental wards. Try to avoid giving them your real phone number unless you like drunken phone calls with heavy breathing. Also come up with a witty opener like “I have a very serious drug problem”. Women love a fixer upper.

Community Pools: When people think of community pools they see screaming kids, peeing, and Puerto Ricans in T-Shirts. You do risk someone stealing your sandals, but you also get cute girls who live within a 5 mile radius. Sneak some booze in a sunblock container and offer it to the prettiest girl at the pool. If she denies you, you still get to spend all day awkwardly staring at her as she sunbathes and reads 50 Shades of Grey.

Hiking Trails: Something about the outdoors makes everyone incredibly friendly. Sure, your legs are hurting, but park rangers don’t care about smoking weed so everyone gets high. Women who are so in shape they consider a 5 mile hike “warming up” are what you’ll find on hiking trials. Try reminding them they’re alone in the woods and its a “hiking trail” not a “running away from you” trail. Don’t forget everyone loves the thrill of the chase.

Beach Side Bars: There is sun and booze, beach side bars are where people go to get out of the sun and get into some trouble. Nothing screams “I’m a sex demon” quite like a pina colada and a crazy straw. Forget the small talk, try and impress her with how well you play beach football. Remember, you’re not tackling a friend, you’re showing your dominance to everyone watching.

The Office: Spend 40 hours a week with a person and sometimes you’re going to catch feelings. Everyone has a “work flirt” sometimes you have to take that to the next level. Make sure she doesn’t work in the same department as you or your break up can ruin your career. Try to date up the corporate chain instead of hitting the bottom of the barrel. Try to date women whose favorite position is CEO.

These simple and easy places to get to can help you find your future wife, or future morning after. Sometimes going to unexpected places throws people out of their normal rut and they’re more willing to talk to strangers. If worse comes to worse, stalking is always an option. It shows you care. Its not a restraining order, its a challenge.

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