Be Careful Stoner Bros, Pot Smoking Could Give You Man Boobs

by 4 years ago

Wait, did I read that right? A plastic surgeon? Alright then, I will completely believe this, because plastic surgeons are bastions of integrity when it comes to people's appearances. I can't imagine this has anything to do with drumming up business in a state that is expected to be one of the next to legalize marijuana. He clearly has an earnest concern about the well-being of young men who like to toke. So tell us, Dr. Anthony Youn, how are potheads at risk. 

Dr Anthony Youn, from YOUN Plastic Surgery, in Detroit, says cannabis could lower testosterone levels in men, leading to the development of excess breast tissue.


Writing for CNN, Dr Youn explained that when the balance is in favour of oestrogen, instead of testosterone, extra breast tissue is created – and that cannabis can help tip the balance.

Quick question, Dr. Youn, how many men are currently suffering from testosterone deficiency and possibly in need of man boob removal surgery? 

Dr Youn says ‘moobs’ – technically known as gynaecomastia – affect about 33 to 41 per cent of men aged 25 to 44. He says the condition also affects as many as 60 per cent of teenage boys and 55 to 60 per cent of over-50s.

Heaven fucking forbid. I mean Jesus Christ. THIS IS A GODDAMN EPIDEMIC. WE COULD ALL DIE. Every fucking male aged 13 to 100 get yourself to Dr. Youn's office for some immediate plastic surgery. Or smoke another joint and never listen to another word a piece of shit plastic surgeon has to say about body image. You know he's full of it when he gives you numbers about teenagers. You know, a demographic that may not have hit puberty yet. 

[Via The Daily Mail; Pot smoker via Shutterstock]


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