PRANKS: Guy Tricks His Best Friend Into Believing That He Banged His Sister And He Is Riled Up

by 9 months ago

Remember Joel Morris AKA YouTuber JMX? He’s the fella who had a terrific prank that featured a sexy, pantiless hot girl flirting with a poor guy who thought he had a chance. Well, JMX is back and this time he is infuriating his best friend by making him believe that he’s having sex with his sister. Because that’s what friends are for.

You want your friends to be happy and if that means having sex with women then you should support them. Unless they try to fuck your sister. Having your bro dickpunch your beloved and innocent sister will definitely change the dynamic of all of the relationships. No more talks about which chicks enjoy Roman war helmets. And now any family dinner is absolutely ruined knowing that your sweet sister has been violated by your dickbag friend who is crawling with STDs. “Hey Brianne, can you pass the bibimbap, I mean if you aren’t too busy dreaming about Scott’s penis.” Awkward.

So JMX took the very sensitive and taboo topic to play a cruel and hilarious prank on his friend. Because you really aren’t friends unless you get sheer joy in torturing them.

Morris pranked fellow vlogger MaxPlays by making him believe that he was banging his sister. Max jolted to stop the unholy union after a mutual friend exposed the alleged tryst. He busts through the door and sees his sister in bed with his best friend and is instantly infuriated.

“You’re actually a scumbag, you’re actually a fucking scumbag,” he screams. “I told you – you can’t bang my fucking sister.”

After a tussle, he shoves JMX to the bed.

Then yanks off the comforter and sees that his sister is fully clothed and that it is all a silly ruse.

I have one question: If the man thought his sister was getting plowed, then why did he feel the need to yank the covers off of her? Wouldn’t that mean that he would have exposed his sister and thus seeing his sibling’s bearded oyster? That’s a bold and troublesome strategy.


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