Watch a Man Get Tased by the Police Outside an Alabama Wal-Mart

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Here's the officer's report, via

The couple was waiting by the door when the officer left the store and began shouting and encroaching on the officer. They created such a public disturbance, in Bibby's view, they broke the law, giving the officer probable cause to arrest them.

Bibby was able to get the couple outside and call for assistance. Meanwhile, the couple continued screaming and drawing a crowd. The officer had drawn his Taser, but, while holding onto Anthony Smith by the hand, he holstered the device and reached for his handcuffs, Bullock said.

Smith, 41, then began slapping at the officer and partially landed a punch to Bibby’s throat. The officer drew his Taser again and ordered Smith to the ground but Smith used his wife — and the crowd — as a shield.

The couple was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and second-degree assault on a police officer. Here's the video of the incident.

More details at The mugshot, FTW:

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