Savage Gets Cold-Blooded Revenge On His Sister By Uploading Her Detailed ‘Hook Up’ List To Facebook

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What would your sister have to do for you to publicly blast her on Facebook for making a detailed ‘Hook Up’ list with all the dudes she hopes to get down with? Like a list of dudes with corresponding sexual acts she hopes to achieve with each of them. What would it take for you to resort to this unrelenting, brutal smear campaign? Maybe if she took a shit in your sock drawer? Killed your hamster? Snitched to your parents about you looking at porn on the family computer?

How about what this girl named Katie did to her teenage brother Chris that caused him to be grounded for three months?

Take it away, Chris.

What a goddamn snitch. Under no circumstances is it okay to rat out a sibling for trying to get a little fucked up. Siblings are supposed to be on the same team. If you have a problem with him, you gotta keep that shit in house. Parents are the absolute last resort. Like “Dad I found a syringe and some heroin in Chris’ room” is snitch-worthy. This innocent shit? Fug outta here.

But Chris exacted his revenge. And then some. And then some on top of that. He posted this ‘Hook Up’ list to Facebook and tagged all the relevant parties (see tags above).

The comments on the post were, as you’d expect, outrageous. There is even a little banter from Chris to his sister, who urges him to take the post down–to no avail. Top-tier entertainment.

The winner is all of this: Adrian. That handjob is going to be MINT.

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