Science: Beer Goggles Don’t Exist, You Slept With That Bovine on Your Own

By 03.04.13

According to the Daily Mail

It has always been said a few stiff drinks make the plainest face more inviting – but ‘beer goggles’ do not make us think people are more attractive than they are, experts have claimed.

It is rather a fluke of nature that alcohol closes down the section of the mind that stops us acting on impulse long before it deadens the ‘reptilian’ part responsible for our sexual urges, says Dr Amanda Ellison.

The area of the brain that makes us want to mate is the oldest part – and sited so far down it keeps functioning however much we drink – until we are ready to pass out.

Dr Ellison says it is a myth that beer goggles fool us into thinking someone is more attractive than they really are.

She says that while evolution had made women more choosy about who they go to bed with, both sexes are looking for a soul mate – and personality is just as important as looks in selecting a partner.

However, all this goes out of the window when we drink because of the sequence in which alcohol acts on areas of the brain.

She said: ‘Alcohol switches off the rational and decision making areas of the brain while leaving the areas to do with sexual desire relatively intact, and so this explains beer goggles.

‘We still see others basically as they are. There is no imagined physical transformation – just more desire.’

No. This theory is wrong. You're DISGUSTINGLY INCORRECT, Dr. Ellison. Someone needs to get this chick rip-roaring drunk, show her that beer goggles DO exist and that the regrets one experiences the morning after wearing them are also VERY REAL.

If you want read more of this lady's nonsense go here

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