Science Teacher Eats Nothing But McDonald’s for 90 Days, Loses 37 Pounds

By 01.06.14

A few months ago, John Cisna resolved to eat nothing but McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 90 days to prove that your choices that are making you fat, not McDonald's. (That's all well and good but most people who are engulfing McDonald's on the reg tend to have a faint idea about nutrition and what caloric requirement their body requires to maintain/lose weight.) Cisna also went into this experiment at 280-pounds and resolved to only eat 2000 calories per pay, while walking for 45 minutes each day. That alone set him up for success. At his age (guessing he is 55 – 65), weight and activity level, I calculate (using Harris Benedict Formula/BMR Calculation/General Wizardry) that he could have eaten at least 3,500 calories per day to just maintain his body weight. At a 1,500 calorie deficit per day, there was no way he wasnt going to lose weight.

The most shocking revelation of this, however, is that his overall health didn't deteriorate like Morgan Spurlock's did in Super Size Me, which is huge for McDonald's. Hell, they just found their Jared Fogle and if they don't see this and immediately roll out the new “McDonald's Diet Plan” they are fucking brain dead.

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