If You Sell Drugs, Make Sure Your Neighbors Aren’t Good at Making Fliers

by 6 years ago

Drug problems were a major issue for the neighbors on the 3900 block of North Massachusetts Avenue, so much like a neighborhood yard sale, the people took to their markers and oak tag. They created and distributed 'heroin for sale' signs that identified the names and addresses of the alleged drug dealers. One resident even went so far as to hand one of the fliers to a Portland police officer.

Investigators say they had been watching the home for close to a year, but because of the signs were prompted to raid the house. Police found a portable meth lab, 10.9 grams of heroin, 19.2 grams of marijuana, 190 assorted pills, $4,143 in cash, and a sawed-off shotgun at the drug house. Police arrested six people in the house: Joseph Baron, 59; Shari Baron, 58; Todd Christie, 42; Suzanne Johnson, 36; Barry Frost, 34; and Steven Davis, 34. A 15-year-old child was also found at the house and was put into protective custody. How ignorant of a drug dealer are you that your neighbors are handing out fliers with your name and address on it and you don't get the hell out of dodge? Well, judging by these mugshots it doesn't appear that any of the criminals were Mensa members.

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