This Man Claims to Have Sex With His 728 lb Wife Up to Six-Times-Per-Day

by 6 years ago

According to the Sun:

When she (Pauline Potter, 47) won the Guinness World Record as the heaviest woman on the planet earlier this year, ex-husband Alex could not resist her and they have rekindled their romance.

Alex, 46, just 10st, said: “She can't walk, dress herself or even go to the toilet on her own — but I'm desperate to be her lover and caretaker again.

“Plus I miss our sex life. Pauline could be 70st and we'd still have sex every single day because it's that good.

“It was the biggest mistake of my life letting Pauline go and it's taken her gaining weight and becoming the world's heaviest woman to realise how much I still love her.”

“Despite what some may think, Pauline is great in bed. She's better than any other woman I've ever slept with. Within the first day of being back together we had sex six times in 24 hours.

“Even though one of Pauline's legs weighs more than I do, we're able to position her body to make sex enjoyable for both of us. It's really dangerous for us to have sex because at any moment the bed could collapse and one or both of us could be seriously injured or even killed from the impact.”

This is utterly disgusting. Speaking of utters… Check out how low that tw*t of hers hangs.

Though, if her vag*na wasn't grazing the carpet, I might have missed how adorable that dog is. So there's that. 


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