Thinks Men Who Search These 10 Porn Site Terms Are Most Likely to Cheat

By 08.07.14

The folks at just emailed me to let me know about their blisteringly hot take on cheating as it relates to porn consumption. It is based on a recent psychology study that concluded the more porn you watch the more you cheat. Not an insane notion. Man or woman, if you like cumming, you probably want to cum fairly often. And if you ain’t getting that cumming experience at home, you might stray. I buy what these psychologists are selling. is taking this “watching porn = cheating” idea a step further. They believe that by analyzing data from the visitors that come to their site, they can come up with the biggest porn watchers in the world, which, THEY THINK, because of aforementioned study, are also probably the top cheaters. I don’t know if I’m buying that. But here are their findings.



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go jerk off to a big titted, pussy-having, total babe of a pornstar, who looks like she’s in college but is dressed up as a doctor and is also someone’s girlfriend.

Sorry, Other Search Terms…A) you’re gross and B) one man can only handle so much.

Read their entire blog here. 


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