Forceful Bathroom Sex on a Yacht Leads To a Woman’s Severed Hand and a Man on the Run

By 08.03.11

As Amy began to bleed out all over the floor, rapidly losing blood, the Brit fled the scene. Not untypical of what usually occurs after bloody sex…but to our knowledge her wrist was the only source of blood flow. 

From Stuff in New Zealand:

Police spokesman Kraljevic Gudelj said: “It appears they were engaged in a passionate act in the bathroom where at some stage the sink broke – leaving a jagged edge that severed the woman's hand when she fell to the floor.”

The hand was reattached after a six-hour operation by surgeons in the city of Split.

The Croatian Times said the couple had met in Croatia and ended up on a yacht called Anete in a local marina.

“The young woman almost died, and was only saved after she was airlifted to hospital where doctors managed to reattach the severed limb. It had only been attached by a small amount of skin,” the police spokesman said.

“We believe it was probably an accident but the British man has fled and the New Zealand girl is understandably hard to speak to.”

His leaving her to die has raised some serious questions. In fact, this was never about his ability to fragment p*ssy. Oh no, our Brit left because he has a wife or girlfriend that can't find out, or Amy is a fat slob. Think about it. The wife and/or girlfriend scenario makes obvious sense but if you just unwittingly flung some hoss up onto a sink in the heat of passion, and the sink broke almost killing her, would you stick around to face that embarrassment? Not to mention the photographers and pun-laden headlines in tomorrow's newspaper? Not on your f*cking life, would you.


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