Sexsomnia Is a Thing and Having It Can Get You In and Out of Trouble

by 5 years ago

According to ABC News:

A Danish man has been acquitted of molesting two 17-year-old girls after he was found to suffer from a rare sleep disorder known as “sexsomnia.”

The Glostrup court said Wednesday that the man fondled the teenagers while sleeping in his suburban Copenhagen apartment after a party in 2011.

The girls awoke and interrupted the man, and later reported him to police.

But the court cleared the 31-year-old of sex crimes charges, saying medical tests show he suffers from “sexsomnia” in which a person engages in sexual activity while asleep.

I'm sorry, but by 31 you probably already know that sometimes you turn into sleepwalking sexual molester and that you should not have 17-year-olds at your apartment for a fucking sleep over. 

[Sleepwalker via ShutterStock]


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