Sharks Eating Other Sharks, Shooter McGavin, a Game Called Death Pong, and Tebow vs. Lin

By 02.16.12

Twitter Account to Follow This Week

Shooter McGavin: @ShooterMcGavin_

There are probably other Shooter accounts out there, but this guy, by far, gives that sc*mbag McGavin the best showing. His best tweets are those that describe actions using asterisks to denote each new move. But he doesn't limit himself to throwing double pistols all day. A smattering of McGavin's best are below.

Reader Submitted Drinking Game


(Note: All of the below was written by the person who submitted this.)

Wanted to see if you guys will share a game we developed at our very own Washington State University. Everybody knows that beer pong is getting old as shit so we tweaked it and made it into a real man's game. It really does separate the men from the pussies. We called it Death Pong.

We pretty much thought about it the Friday after school started (after opening weekend). Bored as f*ck, I went over to my boy’s house and tried getting people to play beer pong with us. No one, but one of the roommates, wanted to play cause they were all being hungover pussies. The two of us pretty much started playing beer pong but decided to use four beers on each side to get as f*cked up as we could as fast as we could. We thought since four beers was kind of brutal for each game that if you lost you would have to keep playing as your punishment.

We knew that people would want to forfeit so we made an additional rule with that, if you choose to forfeit you have to shotgun a beer, regardless of how f*cked up and close you are to puking.

In the end, we had people lining up to play, and dropping out just as fast. In the first hour of playing we had two people puke. One little ass kid stepped up and quickly lost his first two games. When you think about it, 8 beers for a 140-lb. frat boy in 15 minutes is a good amount in liquid. He tried quitting so we made him shotgun a beer. Out of that we got one of the greatest pukes of all time. His friend stepped up next and I quickly took care of him. Made seven cups in a row (shoot two times and if you make both you get balls back) and he quickly ran to the bathroom to take a “piss.” Soon after he came out teary eyed confessing he puked. These are the rules:

  • 4 beers MUST be used on each side of the table.
  • Drink all opponent-made cups before you shoot.
  • NO fire.
  • Guys finger, girls blow.
  • 1 shot redemption.
  • LOSER of the game goes on to play the next person.
  • Loser shoots first.
  • After 3 consecutive losses, loser may pass the torch to next opponent.
  • If you forfeit, you HAVE to shotgun a beer.
  • PUKING does not mean you are done! Keep playing!

This game pretty much separates the b*tches from the men, and the men from the alcoholics. Your scoreboard should be set up as is:


Editor's Note: Er, we don't endorse or recommend Death Pong. As always, drink responsibly.

Photos of the Week

Carpet Shark Swallows Another Shark WHOLE

“Bro, this is so f*cked up of you.”

Here's Something I Hope to NEVER See Again:

More reader-submitted goodness that really speaks for itself. Although I've been hungover and in the same position as that dude on the toilet. That's the look of a man who can't believe his shit was so explosive it bounced off the bowl and hit him in the ass. Worst feeling in the world.

Bald So Hard

A reader also provided this next one. It comes with this backstory: “Last night our buddy came home a little too drunk and asked for a hair cut. Being the good friends we are we happily obliged.”

Classic Nixon pose.

Poll of the Week

I've got to ask this question. Although, from a personal standpoint, I think both are products of the times we live in and no one would give much of a shit about these two if they played in a generation without social media.

What is the bigger phenomenon: Tebowmania or Linsanity?

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