5 CRAZY Hot Shay Maria Stop-Motion Videos + GIF, Plus the Best Links of the Weekend

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Four more hot Shay Maria videos at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile, go follow BroBible on Twitter.


15 Sexiest Female Athletes from the Most Random Sports, via Bleacher Report:


The most Googled women on the web in 2012 (50 pics), via The Chive:


ESPN Just Got a Little More AWESOME, via Bleacher Report:


Hot Chicks That Just Want to Watch Their Bras Burn, via The Chive:


The 6 Worst Ways to Deal With a Breakup On Facebook, via Cracked:



23 Rejected Final Bosses from Famous Video Games, via Cracked:


Guess What This Chick Did to Her Boyfriend, via Huffington Post:


Is Casual Sex Right for You? via Your Tango


Happy Birthday, Paula Patton, With Your Sexy Self, via Uproxx:


NOSTAGLIA ALERT: The 25 Best Disney Channel Original Movies, via Complex:


Sexts and Subtexts, Bros… via Betches:


Porn-O-Vision 3: Things look a little different when you've been watching a lot of porn… via College Humor:


The 20 Hottest Photos of Teresa Palmer, via Heavy:


The 31 hottest pictures of a young Britney Spears, via Ranker:


7 winter dating ideas, via Guyism:


Top 10 'Futurama' Episodes That Will Make You Laugh and Cry, via Mandatory:


The Best American Badasses Ever, via I-Am-Bored:


12 Ways to Make Bartenders Hate You, via TrutV:


Spank Bank Sherra, via Gorilla Mask:


Five TV Characters You Can’t Help But Root For, via Unreality:


The Ultimate 2012 Movie Mash-Up, via Worldwide Interwebs:


These Girls Are Just Trying to Stay Warm, via Maxim:


This Week's Best LADNESS, via LadBible:


The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History, via Smoking Jacket:


Florida State Fans and Cheerleaders Profess Love for Andrew Wiggins, via Bleacher Report:


10 Best Wrestling Video Games Ever, via Guyspeed:


Important News RE: Anchorman, via FilmDrunk:

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