Dude DESTROYS A Man For Touching His Sister In An Alley And Then He Pulverized His Brother

By 11.06.16

It’s never a good idea to sexually assault a girl. It’s really a bad idea to inappropriately touch a girl who has a very defensive big brother and isn’t afraid to dish out some good ole fashioned street justice.

This sick fuck touched a young girl in an alley. The girl was so distraught over the attack that she was crying at home and her brother found out. He then went on a seek and destroy mission to obliterate the man who touched his little sister. He finds the man, gets in his face, then picks the man up over his head and body slams him. When the perv is on the ground the assault begins. Big brother dishes out punch after punch as the worm of a man just sits there scared in the fetal position.

The brother of the perv finally gets involved and big bro isn’t having it. One nasty punch to the face is followed by another incredible body slam. The brother doesn’t fight back either and he gets his ass kicked.

Do these two men not have the sense of self-preservation? Do these gentlemen not have reflexes? Do these gentlemen not have pride? These fellas get the fuck beat out of them and put up zero fight. I really have no idea why any self-respecting man would sit there and take a beating. Because they just sat there and took punch after punch these poor saps are going to be pissing blood after all those shots to the body.

Besides the two spineless brothers, the other loser in this video is the cameraperson who not only recorded vertically, but missed the three huge body slams.


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