People Shared Their ‘Sluttiest’ Stories And Holy SHIT I Need To Take A Cold Shower

By 04.20.16


When I woke up this morning I had no idea that within just a few short hours of my first shower I’d then have to hop back in and take another one, a cold shower. Such is my fate though after reading through this collection of ‘sluttiest’ stories.

Seriously, this is how I imagine girls feel after watching 50 Shades of Grey, which I feel the need to mention I once tried to watch in hopes of catching some gratuitous nudity and after 10 minutes I wanted to throw my TV into the goddamn river.

Anyways, there are some borderline NSFW stories below (it’s just words though, words can never hurt you) so just know what you’re getting yourself into when you begin to scroll.

One of my friends in college was getting teased for being virgin and getting the typical, “haha he’ll never have a girlfriend!” bullshit. I waited til all his roommates were home (apt style living where everyone has their own bedroom) and fucked him as loudly as possible. It put a stop to that shit real fast and it gave him a needed confidence boost to start dating

Posted about this before on another thread once…
I was at a bar and this guy was flirting hard with me. I had a good buzz on and he talked a good game, but then another girl shows up and it turns out she’s his girlfriend and they were poly. I really wasn’t sure about getting involved in that, and they were both working hard to convince me. We were in this kind of semi-circle booth in a corner and all of a sudden the girl shimmies under the table and tells me she’s going to convince me. She got my panties off (I was wearing a short skirt) and he grabbed my hands and told me not to look away from his eyes. She tongued me and I squeezed the fuck out of his hands and when I started to come I noticed a couple of people who were standing at that end of the bar were looking right at me but it was too late so I just let it happen.
Edit: Ok, and then I spent the night with them and I don’t think there was a spot on my body that didn’t get licked or fucked. It was fun. Next time I saw them I had a boyfriend so we never did get together again. And the guys at the bar who were watching me bought me a drink. I saw one of them at a party a few weeks later but he was all over me like a panting dog so that never went anywhere.

Masturbating in my Roman Catholic middle school’s bathroom because I was too hot and bothered during class from all the cute boys. Yes there was a uniform.

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