Smelly Hippie Pothead Hoop Tricks in GIF Form, Plus Today’s Best Links on the Web

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Spank Bank: Michelle Mayden, via Gorilla Mask:


40 Reasons I Miss College, via The Chive:


4 Questions for the (Now Bankrupt) Tupac Hologram Company, via Cracked:


Erin Andrews and the Hottest Sportscasters, via Bleacher Report:

Louis C.K.'s Civil War Doppleganger, via Uproxx:


15 Hilariously Alarmist Newsweek Covers, via Uproxx:


It’s Important to Find a Wife with a Good Sense of Humor, via Unreality:


Flowchart: Are You in the Friend Zone? via College Humor:


20 Hot Photos of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders in Action, via Mandatory:


9 worst teachers of all time, via TruTV:


5 Awesome Things Done By The Navy SEALS, via Maxim:


The 20 Hottest Cheerleaders of the AFC North, via Heavy:


7 terrible things that women have to go through that men don't, via Guyism:


The Jennifer Aniston Security Tapes, via Clip Nation:


10 Little Known Facts About The NFL Replacement Referees, via Busted Coverage:


21 Worse Things Ever, via Holy Taco:


10 Surprising Uses for Booze — Besides Getting Drunk, via Guyspeed:


A Sneak Peek at the New ‘Entourage’ Movie’s Product Placement, via Hypervocal:


A Man’s Guide To Bourbon, via RSVLTS:

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